What we think about the Travel Ban Modifications


Of course the Travel Ban effects our clients, but not in the way that you are thinking….  

We don’t have clients who are traveling to the U.S. from Chad, Iran, Libya, North Korea, Somalia, Syria, Yemen or Venezuela.  If we did they would be American Citizens who were traveling as tourists with their proper documentation, the American Passport. They may have been visiting these countries or just passing through. The idea that pops into your mind when you first hear of the travel ban modifications (preventing people from coming here from specific countries) is merely a cloud of fear, to surround the real issue, as is most of the ruckus raised by President Trump.
It will absolutely effect the people who are legally here, from these countries.  Will they no longer be able to come and go with their legal documentation status?? I personally don’t know because I have not studied the new immigration law.  I really try to keep my distance from Trump’s drama so that it doesn’t consume my life.
Travel Ban

Anyone, citizen or not, who travels internationally will experience the underlying effect of the Travel Ban modifications, either through the implementation of heightened security, or a push back to a person holding an American Passport.  They do unto us as we do unto them.

Just last week we were in Egypt (a 75% Muslim Country).  In order to get there we had a layover in Amman Jordan in both directions.  In Jordan we were inspected very carefully on multiple occasions. They picked through our carry on bags, twice, inspecting our souvenirs, our Chapstick, our laptops (etc), in many locations, all on the other side of the basic airport security.  In Egypt, Jordan, Turkey and other countries, you can’t even get into the airport without a passport and a ticket, and you must pass through a metal detector right at the entrance door!  Egypt is using cattle fencing and a security guard at the exterior of the airport to make sure that no one even gets near the entrance door without a ticket and a passport.  At each check point where we showed our American Passport – I believe we were more carefully screened in attempt to prove to us that they are doing a good job!  But what really blew me away is that in Amman Jordan we got off a flight from Cairo Egypt, went through two security checkpoints within the airport secure area, and before boarding our flight to Chicago O hare we had to be X-Ray’d at the gate to board the plane. Each person looked at our passport picture, and at our face, to make sure that the person traveling was indeed the person who had been screened.  In my opinion they are doing a much better job than we do.
If Trump could keep us all from traveling abroad, by making it inconvenient or uncomfortable, we would never know any of this.  He could keep us under his thumb in fear. What we really should be asking ourselves is What’s in it for Trump? – What is his true motive? – How will this feed his business endeavors?  Because I am sure that it’s really all about his fame, fortune and ability to control us.
Travel Ban
What I am trying to say is – Don’t be fooled by fear – look deeper – the TRUTH is within every circumstance.
Seems obvious to me that the modifications to the travel ban are just camouflage for Trump’s “Muslim Ban” which is on his followers’ agenda!  By adding countries who are not “Muslim Countries” he is hoping to gain acceptance for his law and convince us that he is not singling out “Muslims”, or discriminating against them, while fulfilling his follower’s desires.  

In doing so he wins the praise of his people – the only thing he truly cares about.

It was heart warming to hear from an Egyptian on multiple occasions:
“It is governments that don’t get along, not people.
We Love the American People!  We want you to come and enjoy Egypt!”
Egypt is NOT a country on the list and we thoroughly enjoyed it – stay tuned for more of our tales in coming days as our time allows!
Always remember, especially when traveling, that we are all human beings with red blood and warm hearts – despite our country of origin or government.  I’m not sure Trump understands that….
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Travel Like an Architect™ is Home From Egypt

This is a duplicate post from our main site!  This site was created because the theme would be more mobile friendly so that I could post from my phone during the trip.  Please follow up with us at the main Travel Like an Architect™ Site!

home from egypt

We have safely returned Home From Egypt.  Our flights worked out just perfectly! It couldn’t have been better if the airline had asked for our input.  I would be remiss, if I didn’t point out that this is EXACTLY what a travel agent can do for you, because we understand all of the surrounding circumstances.

In the coming days they will be working to transfer all of the content that was published during their travel, on the temporary Travel Like an Architect WordPress blog – over to here. Subscribe and bookmark this site to be notified of new posts in your inbox, automatically.

They had a fabulous time, learned a lot, and brought back new wisdom on Traveling to and within Egypt!  They now understand much more about the culture, and what to expect there.  Subscribe to Learn how to be well prepared for this experience.

Now that they are home from Egypt, they have a plan to share the experience with you!

Stay Tuned – In the near future they will:

  • Announce a date for an Egypt Tourism Party at their home for local people who want to learn more.
  • Write a book entitled “I’m Going to Egypt Mom” for young Americans who are craving this experience and want to do it right!
  • Select dates to return to Egypt escorting a group.  Want to join?  Be the first to contact them and have influence over the dates selected.

Want to find all of the content posted across social media during the trip?

Search the hashtag #TLAAEgypt17

Lynn and Rob packed a lot into their week!  Here is a list:

  • Egyptian Cotton Store Shopping
  • Sunset Camel Ride in the Sahara Desert
  • Instagram Photo-op Camel Ride at the Pyramids of Giza
  • Evening Sound & Light Show at the Pyramids of Giza
  • Day time visit to the Pyramids of Giza (inside!) and up close view of the Sphinx
  • Valley Temple of Khafre
  • Solar Boat Museum at the Pyrmids of Giza
  • The Egyptian Museum in Cairo – to explore King Tut`s exhibition and some other masterpieces from the pharaohs time + The Royal Mummies Room.
  • We experienced domestic Air Travel around Egypt, with Nile Air and Egypt Air.
  • Domestic Flight to Luxor – Nile Air
  • Karnak Temple
  • Luxor Temple
  • Luxor city tour in horse carriage combined with Karnak Temples Sound and Light Show.
  • Hot Air Balloon Ride at sunrise above Valley of the Kings and other monuments at Luxor West Bank of the River Nile
  • The Valley of the Kings – King Tut’s Tomb and Mummy
  • The Funerary Temple of Queen Hatshepsut
  • Statues of Mamnon
  • Horse and Carriage Ride to Edfu Temple of Horus
  • Kom Ombo Temple
  • River Nile Cruise from Luxor to Aswan – Egyptian Cruise Line
  • Philae Island and Temple of Isis
  • The Unfinished Obelisk weighing 1200 tons
  • Essences of Flower Perfume Store (Pure Egyptian Essential Oils)
  • Aswan High Dam
  • Sunset Romantic Sailboat “felucca” ride
  • Aswan Market of Spices
  • Domestic Flight to Cairo – Nile Air
  • Coptic & Islamic Cairo Area Tour
  • Alabaster Mosque of Mohamed Ali – in Cairo
  • Saint Virgin Mary’s Coptic Orthodox Church, known as The Hanging Church
  • Shopping at the most famous (Bazaar) Souk in Cairo – Khan el-Khalili 
  • Domestic flight to Hurghada – Egypt Air
  • Luxury Hotel on the Red Sea
  • Red Sea Snorkel Tour – Giftun Islands
  • Luxury Hotel at the Cairo Airport
  • International Air – Royal Jordanian Airline

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The Best Snorkeling in the World

We woke up to this beautiful ocean view from our balcony room at the Hurghada Marriott.  The first five star hotel we’ve stayed in this trip.

Red Sea

The buffet breakfast was BEAUTIFUL! But I forgot to take a picture of it. We had to be at the entrance by 8:40 to catch the van that our snorkel tour was sending for us.

Snorkel tour transportation

For some reason Mohamed needed to speak with us on the phone as soon as we were picked up, to let us know that we had been picked up.  We stopped a couple more times at various resorts to pick up others, but they didn’t have to speak with Mohamed.?.? Soon we arrived at what looked like a Beach Nightclub Area.

There was a hut where guys were giving out snorkel equipment. Never again will we travel without our own gear. As it turned out my snorkel leaked.  I made the best of it – just sayin.

Snorkel equipment

Carrying our equipment we headed for the boat!

They adjusted the plank to make it strait before I stepped on it.

Snorkel tour

The Hurghada area is much cleaner than Cairo but when I looked back at the walkway I could see there was still work to be done.  I had previously decided that one purpose for the garbage laying around was to keep the flies away from the people.

The Red Sea looked perfectly clean and clear so that was good!

You just have to decide to see the beauty instead….

We took a leisurely ride out to Sea. Enjoying the salty air and shade.

We drove past our hotel.

Once we turned away from the land to head for Giftun Island, I found a comfy spot to sit in the sun.  To my surprise – once again I was caught off guard by the “boat vendors”, this time a “Super Market”!

One of  two guys hopped on to our boat with a bucket assortment of sodas and a basket of chips to sell. 30 EGP got you a soda (about $1.50), which was high, but “delivered at sea” so……

We passed by a busy beach club area of the island and approached an area where many boats were gathering – all with snorkel tour groups!  Isn’t the water gorgeous?

After tying up to another boat – no time was wasted I was the second one in the water!  That may come as a surprise to those of you who know me – the water wasn’t the least bit cold!

Best snorkeling
A guide took us around in a group.  He had something good that was attracting fish!  We even saw a huge eel that he lured out to greet us!

Stop back later. When I get home I will be adding #360fly video and other under water photography from our othe devices. Remember I am working strictly from my iPhone.  Needless to say I didn’t take it in the water….

After a while the boat moved to another spot.  All in all This was the best snorkeling we have done to date!  Rob was still in the water when the crew began serving lunch to the rest of us.  Can you find him?
Best snorkeling

That’s what you call a satisfied customer!  “Happy Camper” saying hello holding the #360fly camera.

After lunch they took us to the Giftun Island Beach for an hour of swimming!

Then all of the above in reverse to get back to our hotel to shower and dress for our night at Hurghada Marina Boulevard. A place for yaghts and people to gather. We caught a private car from our hotel for 20 EGP (a little over a dollar).

We walked for a while before selecting the “Nubian Egyptian Restaurant and Cafe.  (I think Cafe is code for “we have Shisha”)  We will post about the Nubian people later.  They sure make good food!  We connected with the restaurant owner – who told us he had traveled the world while working for Thompson Co of the U.K. on a cruise ship!


Stuffed Grape Leaves

Sharkasiaa Nubian – Trajan Rice and Chicken with Cream Sauce and Nuts.

Fatta Bel Lahma – Veal Meat with Rice and Garluc Sauce.

Complimentary Nubian Ice Cream!

We were supposed to stay to try “Shisha” but after filling our bellies we bows out. We really needed  to get up and move around, so we went for a walk.

“Che Guevara”??  The Revolutionary from South America that liberated Cuba! – Really?  Why here? We wondered…  What connection did he have to Egypt?  Comment if you know!

Then a beautiful well cared for camel waiting for someone who wanted a ride – such gentle giants!

On our way out of the Marina area we just had to board “The Pirate Ship” for something sweet – just because it’s so pretty and we had seen her at sea earlier in the day. We wondered if “Ice Cream Coffee” was ice cream and coffee or a combination thereof – so we ordered two!  Yummy is what it was…..

Don’t forget to leave us comments and search the hashtag #TLAAEgypt17 for more coverage of our trip.

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We are headed home early tomorrow morning!

Rollin – Rollin – Rollin on a River Nile….

We arrived in Aswan late at night so we didn’t get off the ship and go into the city until the next morning at 8 AM

Egyptian Souvenirs

The bus was always on time and waiting for us thanks to our tour guide. We rode to a place where we got on a small boat Destined for a nearby island Philae. 

Take a boat to philae island

It’s OK to take me from one boat to another I love the water!  Once on board the merchants got out all their beautiful wares for some boat shopping..  some of you may have seen this photo on our Facebook page.  If you haven’t been there yet please give us a “like”!

We bought a couple things as we do most places we go.  souvenirs from exotic places make great gifts!
Egypt tour

Once again we arrived at an amazing place!!  This time we learned that everything had been moved to this island because it would have been covered in water when they built the Aswan High Dam. 

Now my photos are in a funny order again. Apparently WordPress “inserts” photos in reverse order from how it uploads originally – sigh – I am learning……

River Nile

The Coptic Christians installed this alter in this Greek Egyptian Temple. 

Egyptian Temple, Egypt travel agents, Nile river cruise, Egypt travel experts

The column capitals are all different!  Leaves Rob and I rembering our old Ellisding room set which had “similar” but matching chairs….

Coptic church, grafitti

Right away as you enter the temple, you start to notice the “Coptic Grafitti” carved in stone intended to obliterate the homage to the so called pagan gods. And many of the Pharoic figures had their faces chiseled off. 

Egyptian Temple

I believe our guide referred to this as a kiosk which overlooks the River Nile. 

Visible upon arrival and directly from the facility entrance, it is a grand site to see

Visiting Egypt is HOT! You find yourself hurrying to the shade. 

TLAAEgypt17, Travel Like an Architect

We returned from the island re-boarded our mini bus and headed for the next stop – the essence store. They were expecting us and had a nice clean bathroom equipped with TP and hand soap. 

They gave us a demonstration and then a complimentary massage with pure essential oils. 

This is a display case of beautiful essence bottles, dispensers and diffusers. 

Of course they had “special deals” for us. We called our daughter Suzee in Chicago for advice – it was 4 am there. 

Before returning to the ship for lunch we drove across the “high dam” stopping to look over and pick up a snack  The dam provides 100% of the power for Egypt and is owned and managed by the government. We were surprised that we were allowed to cross. 

Some “Pyramid Pepsi” for your enjoyment!

One more very hot stop before lunch – the Unfinished Oblisk. The Pharoic temples are littered with these pointed one piece erect structures. We were told that they once had a pyramid shaped tip of a gold & silver alloy. Why?? Rob thinks that they attracted and, or transmitted energy.  Our guide was not willing to consider that they were anything more than decorative record keeping. This one was being chiseled out of the earth here in this granite quarry. They believe that because it cracked – work was abandoned.  

We returned to the ship to find this darling crocodile towel animal!

Washed off the culture and headed to lunch.  I took a few pics of food for you!

Beginning with lots of choices of bread – none for us though, we eat gluten free. 

Egyptian bread

They always had the most beautiful selection of salads – yes please!  These contained various combinations of cucumber, tomato, zuchinni, onion, beets, cabbage, carrots, summer squash, and of course fresh herbs. Most included a dressing but there were delicious home made dressing that could be added!  My kind of lunch!

We quickly learned that the thing to do was to grab a dinner plate and load up on salad!

After lunch we headed back out on foot because they said that the “Souk” (market) was nearby. Two of our new friends wanted to tag along. One just for fun and the other needed to purchase a suitcase to haul her souvenirs home!

Rob and I were after spices – and we found them with a little direction from a local 

Cutting “the deal” was a challenge. They try to make you buy as much as they want to sell. We made them reduce the size of the package TWICE!

We had to be back to the ship by 5:00 to re-join the group for “Sunset Sailing”

Visit our Facebook Page for realtime updates!  Sorry pics out of order again…..

It was dark when we arrived back at the dock – we had seen the whole sunset!

When you Travel Like an Architect you are always enjoying other architectural styles and even soaking up inspiration!

We traveled with a group of travel agents packing the week full of all the traditional tourist destinations in Egypt so that we would become your Egypt experts!  I still can’t believe all that we did!

Egypt Travel Experts, how to see Egypt, do I need a travel agent for Egypt, Egypt travel agent,

What an amazing destination!  Please call us for more information. You won’t want to go this one alone…


Men in Dresses Everywhere!

Up at 4:00 a.m. Headed to the airport for 7:30 flight to Luxor.

Entrance to Karnak – the first typical element of a Pharoic Temple. Karnak has the newest gate! The complex was constructed from 2300 BC – 300 BC.  Work stopped when the Greeks arrived!

The Ram’s head on a Lion’s body – is symbolic of fertility and power. Note in the photo above they line the walkway.

Passing through the open courtyard, the second typical element of a Pharoic Temple. 

Rob says visiting Karnak is an architect’s wet dream!

It’s just MASSIVE!  This is the third typical element of a Pharoic Temple, once covered by a stone roof with clear story windows!

Rob said “I could spend four hours here!” “NO we could NOT – it’s too hot, it would not be possible” I replied…

Rob met many stone faced friends…

A view from the far end looking back. 

The tip of the obelisks were once Pyramid shaped alloy of gold and silver…  Did they have a greater purpose than decoration?

After a while we headed back to the bus, and into Luxor to the Luxor Temple where all the statues of Ramses II – are!

A typical pictograph…… Note the stone removal in the blank areas..

We returned to Karnak for their sound and light show in the evening. 

To and from in a horse and carriage!

Tomorrow is the Hot Air Baloon ride over the Valley of the Kings!  Travel Like an Architect – look at the world “in plan”!

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If anyone wants to do this – we can pick a date to return in the future!  We can go in a group – we will be happy to escort. We will qualify travelers upon return…. 

Up Up and Away……..

To survey the land. We boarded a small boat to cross the River Nile because it was much closer to our destination than driving to a bridge. It was 4:00 am. 

This is quite normal stuff for these people to get up early.  Their first mandatory prayer of the day is at sunrise and it is also much cooler in the early morning hours. We were offered coffee or tea to enjoy during our river crossing ride. 

On the other side a short van ride ended at the site of the balloon ascension where we were taught the proper body position for landing by Mohamed who would be our pilot.

There were eight balloons being inflated with HUGE fans in preparation for the gas flame! The baskets are HUGE! 16 people piled into our’s!  The bursts of flame that would lift us up we’re hot – hot – hot!

One at a time they began to ascend. One – two – three – four – five – and finally it was our turn!

The entire region is full of Temples and Tombs!  From the air it looks like an architectural model. 

We ascended to 800 meters before returning to earth. We had seen the largest statues on earth (according to our guide) from the air so visited all that is left of this temple the Amenhotep III Conservation Project. 

Along the base of the mountain there is a region of Alabaster workshops. We stopped to learn more and do a little shopping. 

We were treated to a short demonstration of a technique that is as old as the temples. 

The store was full of carved stone of many types. Lapis, Basalt, Alabaster to name a few. 

Estelle was entertained by the penis statue. 

There was always a tunnel of shopping on the way in and out of the monumental sites that we visited. There is an art to making a purchase of good value – more about that later. 

We finally reached the Valley of the Kings. The second highlight of the day. 

Rob wanted his picture taken looking up and looking down!

When you Travel Like an Architect, you take it all in…  I thought you might enjoy these pottys!

The installation was in a permanently parked semi truck trailer and was not “accessible” at all.  

As always in a poor country the attendant expected a tip. 

We wandered off alone after returning to the ship where we found a very clean “Souk” (market) and picked up a couple things in this cute spice store. 

These little taxis crack me up!  Today we saw one made by Mercedes. 

It was 110 degrees and I had forgotten my hat, so I had a white scarf draped over my head. This Arab man sweetly asked if he could help me put it on properly.  I allowed.

The River Nile Merchants tied on for some hard bargaining as we sailed away. 

I’ll try to keep these coming – internet should be pretty available for the remainder of our trip. 

Pyramids of Giza &, Sphinx & Museum of Mummies Etc…..

In a perfect world my pictures would be in a logical order. Egypt is far from a perfect world. Our Skyroam Wi-Fi hotspot device is purchasing local Internet on our behalf and providing it to us via the device. The Internet is only as good as the Internet infrastructure here in Egypt. When it works it works very well we are pleased!

Khufu's Pyramid, The Great Pyramids of Giza

We began our day early at the pyramids of Giza. I would’ve liked to just stand here in awe for a moment or so – but we had a full day ahead of us so we hustled on..

Khufu's Pyramid, The Great Pyramids of Giza

It is quite the walk to get up close!

Camel Jockey

Watch out for the camels and carriages as you cross the road..

And now my photos are in a jumbled up order because that is how I was able to get them uploaded remember I’m working from my phone!!

Egyptian Appetizers

This is the last photo I took for the day we were really hungry by then! Tahini Sauce – Cabbage – Chick Peas – Babaganoush! Followed by seafood soup and an amazing seafood dinner

Coptic Christian Mummy Face

We noticed the face painting on the sarcophagus looked like An Orthodox Icon – later finding out that the Coptic Christians were mummifying their dead in 62 AD!

We spent a portion of this day at the Egyptian Museum of Cairo – where all the artifacts that were removed from the Pyramids and the tombs are on display!

Statues from Luxor

The biggest two statues were re-assembled in the building after they were found at Luxor in pieces…
Egyptian Museum of Cairo King Tut Corridor

The King Tut Corridor above…  FULL

coffin room

Looking down into the Coffin Room.

Egyptian Museum of Cairo

Colonial Imperialism at its finest, says the Architect!

Papyrus Demonstration

Papyrus Grass is made into paper – then artists paint on it.

ginger hair

A bit of sign language and I figured out that these girls wanted their picture taken with me. We did a selfie with their phone, then mine!

It wasn’t much fun to be a ginger when I was a kid, but that too changes….  doesn’t it? I feel like a celebrity when I travel to regions of the world where blue eyed gingers are even more rare than 1%!
Khufu's Pyramid

NOT allowed to take pictures inside the Pyramid…  Can you tell? In this region of the world rules are made to be broken in the name of the almighty US dollar… most anything can be purchased. Shhhh – don’t tell!  This photo was taken inside the tunnel, inside  Khufu’s Pyramid.  The tunnel leads to a room, uphill all the way.  This my friends is the most humid place in Egypt!  Having been warned of extortion that can occur for the return of a phone or camera I will admit I was a little worried but the guide was a gentleman and returned my phone without even being asked….  For that gesture he was rewarded with $10.00 I really appreciated it.

king tut

Inside the museum was all of King Tut’s memorabilia – Furniture – Papyrus Flip Flops – Gold Flip Flops – Jewelry – Chairiots – you name it, its ALL there!

King Tut – – – – – – – – – King Tut

(can you hear Steve Martin in your head yet?)

And of course when you Travel Like an Architect you stop to appreciate the drawings!

These detailed and colorful, well preserved drawings are from the Pharoic Period of 3500 BC!  I wonder what the paints were made of…

egyptian art bug

The Dung Beetle is placed on the heart of the deceased to prevent them from confession of sin to the Gods in the afterlife…  lol

Travel Like an Architect

Egyptian Port-a-Pottys in the desert at the Pyramid photo op location.  Yep, Architects are amused by strange things….  I was impressed, these are MUCH nicer than American Port-o-Pottys!

Egyptologist Group Lecture

Our guide Ayman did an exceptional job of explaining what we would see!  He has a Phd in Egyptology and so much PASSION!

Pyramids of Giza
Don’t miss the #360fly video from our camel ride!  CLICK HERE

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