Men in Dresses Everywhere!

Up at 4:00 a.m. Headed to the airport for 7:30 flight to Luxor.

Entrance to Karnak – the first typical element of a Pharoic Temple. Karnak has the newest gate! The complex was constructed from 2300 BC – 300 BC.  Work stopped when the Greeks arrived!

The Ram’s head on a Lion’s body – is symbolic of fertility and power. Note in the photo above they line the walkway.

Passing through the open courtyard, the second typical element of a Pharoic Temple.

Rob says visiting Karnak is an architect’s wet dream!

It’s just MASSIVE!  This is the third typical element of a Pharoic Temple, once covered by a stone roof with clear story windows!

Rob said “I could spend four hours here!” “NO we could NOT – it’s too hot, it would not be possible” I replied…

Rob met many stone faced friends…

If you are seeing this post our amazing skyroam wifi hotspot is working GREAT!  We hope you enjoy….

travel ban

A view from the far end looking back.

The tip of the obelisks were once Pyramid shaped alloy of gold and silver…  Did they have a greater purpose than decoration?

After a while we headed back to the bus, and into Luxor to the Luxor Temple where all the statues of Ramses II – are!

A typical pictograph…… Note the stone removal in the blank areas..

We returned to Karnak for their sound and light show in the evening.

To and from in a horse and carriage!

Tomorrow is the Hot Air Baloon ride over the Valley of the Kings!  Travel Like an Architect – look at the world “in plan”!

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If anyone wants to do this – we can pick a date to return in the future!  We would be happy to escort your group. Reach out for more info!

Watch for a copy of this post to appear on our main site.  I put them there after we return home, and embellish them a bit.

We supposedly received a discounted tour package that enabled our post. I was not required to write a post, because we are travel agents who are entitled to FAM (familiarization) Trips. The opinions I have expressed are my own. I share to inspire. I am disclosing this in accordance with the FTC Regulations.


Author: Lynn Belles

I am a Traveler who LOVES Architecture - married to an Architect who LOVES to Travel! I live from trip to trip in between our Architecture projects. Cruising is my favorite! I love it because I take my home base along while traveling to destinations that I might otherwise, not go to. Cruising makes traveling just as comfortable as home sweet home. I am a Mom, a Dog Mom, and a Grandma! I have wild creativity, the energy of a teen and no fear whatsoever. I HATE to be cold & I LOVE Romance, Healthy Cuisine, Tequila and the Deep Blue Sea!

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