Pyramids of Giza &, Sphinx & Museum of Mummies Etc…..


In a perfect world my pictures would be in a logical order. Egypt is far from a perfect world. Our Skyroam Wi-Fi hotspot device is purchasing local Internet on our behalf and providing it to us via the device. The Internet is only as good as the Internet infrastructure here in Egypt. When it works it works very well we are pleased!

Khufu's Pyramid, The Great Pyramids of Giza

We began our day early at the pyramids of Giza. I would’ve liked to just stand here in awe for a moment or so – but we had a full day ahead of us so we hustled on..

Khufu's Pyramid, The Great Pyramids of Giza

It is quite the walk to get up close!

Camel Jockey

Watch out for the camels and carriages as you cross the road..

And now my photos are in a jumbled up order because that is how I was able to get them uploaded remember I’m working from my phone!!

Egyptian Appetizers

This is the last photo I took for the day we were really hungry by then! Tahini Sauce – Cabbage – Chick Peas – Babaganoush! Followed by seafood soup and an amazing seafood dinner

Coptic Christian Mummy Face

We noticed the face painting on the sarcophagus looked like An Orthodox Icon – later finding out that the Coptic Christians were mummifying their dead in 62 AD!

We spent a portion of this day at the Egyptian Museum of Cairo – where all the artifacts that were removed from the Pyramids and the tombs are on display!

Statues from Luxor

The biggest two statues were re-assembled in the building after they were found at Luxor in pieces…
Egyptian Museum of Cairo King Tut Corridor

The King Tut Corridor above…  FULL

coffin room

Looking down into the Coffin Room.

Egyptian Museum of Cairo

Colonial Imperialism at its finest, says the Architect!

Papyrus Demonstration

Papyrus Grass is made into paper – then artists paint on it.

ginger hair

A bit of sign language and I figured out that these girls wanted their picture taken with me. We did a selfie with their phone, then mine!

It wasn’t much fun to be a ginger when I was a kid, but that too changes….  doesn’t it? I feel like a celebrity when I travel to regions of the world where blue eyed gingers are even more rare than 1%!
Khufu's Pyramid

NOT allowed to take pictures inside the Pyramid…  Can you tell? In this region of the world rules are made to be broken in the name of the almighty US dollar… most anything can be purchased. Shhhh – don’t tell!  This photo was taken inside the tunnel, inside  Khufu’s Pyramid.  The tunnel leads to a room, uphill all the way.  This my friends is the most humid place in Egypt!  Having been warned of extortion that can occur for the return of a phone or camera I will admit I was a little worried but the guide was a gentleman and returned my phone without even being asked….  For that gesture he was rewarded with $10.00 I really appreciated it.

king tut

Inside the museum was all of King Tut’s memorabilia – Furniture – Papyrus Flip Flops – Gold Flip Flops – Jewelry – Chairiots – you name it, its ALL there!

King Tut – – – – – – – – – King Tut

(can you hear Steve Martin in your head yet?)

And of course when you Travel Like an Architect you stop to appreciate the drawings!

These detailed and colorful, well preserved drawings are from the Pharoic Period of 3500 BC!  I wonder what the paints were made of…

egyptian art bug

The Dung Beetle is placed on the heart of the deceased to prevent them from confession of sin to the Gods in the afterlife…  lol

Travel Like an Architect

Egyptian Port-a-Pottys in the desert at the Pyramid photo op location.  Yep, Architects are amused by strange things….  I was impressed, these are MUCH nicer than American Port-o-Pottys!

Egyptologist Group Lecture

Our guide Ayman did an exceptional job of explaining what we would see!  He has a Phd in Egyptology and so much PASSION!

Pyramids of Giza
Don’t miss the #360fly video from our camel ride!  CLICK HERE

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Author: Lynn Belles

I am a Traveler who LOVES Architecture - married to an Architect who LOVES to Travel! I live from trip to trip in between our Architecture projects. Cruising is my favorite! I love it because I take my home base along while traveling to destinations that I might otherwise, not go to. Cruising makes traveling just as comfortable as home sweet home. I am a Mom, a Dog Mom, and a Grandma! I have wild creativity, the energy of a teen and no fear whatsoever. I HATE to be cold & I LOVE Romance, Healthy Cuisine, Tequila and the Deep Blue Sea!

One thought on “Pyramids of Giza &, Sphinx & Museum of Mummies Etc…..”

  1. Well done. You’re getting a full dose. Some quiet time to absorb the pyramids is important but
    difficult without a private guide with a stick to chase away the hustlers. The regular folks such as those
    asking to have a picture taken are generally very warm and downright sweet. And, yes, every
    rule can be broken with a tip. (Hope you didn’t miss the excavated funeral boat museum adjacent
    to one of the pyramids. Stunning!)

    Fred Stitt, Architect

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